Atrazine celebrates 50 years in the field

Published on: 12:49PM Jun 26, 2009
For 50 years, farmers around the world have relied on atrazine to fight weeds in corn, grain sorghum, sugar cane and other crops. And for good reason: it’s still one of the most effective, affordable and trusted products in agriculture today. 
I remember my dad using atrazine granules for the first time, applied with the corn planter in a band at planting. This was truly an incredible technological jump for my brother and I. You see, we had the pure drudgery job of cultivating every acre of corn twice…the first time with fenders down scraping the ground so you didn’t cover corn, the second cultivation time for “layby” on 12-inch corn. At least we could roll through that. On the first cultivation, with atrazine 5 MPH, without…0.5MPH! 
Atrazine has long been a grower favorite it’s effective in controlling a broad range of yield-robbing weeds, is safe to the crop and fits a variety of farming systems. Syngenta, the original developer of atrazine, is marking 50 years of atrazine use with continuing support of this valuable herbicide.

How do you use atrazine in your weed control program?