Break down seed treatment combinations: Fungicides

Published on: 12:24PM Dec 04, 2009
Soybean seed treatments have proven their value, and now more choices are available to protect soybeans from early-season insects and diseases. Many of these options combine several active ingredients into one package. It can be confusing to decide which option is best for your crop, but head-to-head comparisons of active ingredients that control the same pest spectrum can help clarify. 

and early-season Phytophthora are diseases that decrease soybean stands. But for these diseases, mefenoxam delivers nearly two times the disease fighting power of metalaxyl, making it more effective at much lower rates.

Although it is not systemic, fludioxonil has the unique ability to adhere to particles in the root zone, which allows it to move with the root system as it grows. It offers more activity on Rhizoctonia and Fusarium than pyraclostrobin, with the added benefit of seed-borne Sclerotinia and Phomopsis protection.