CRW may still be nibbling roots

Published on: 16:48PM Feb 05, 2010
Caydee Savinelli
CRW-traited corn has really helped Midwest growers combat heavy corn rootworm pressure. But after a few years, they are realizing that in some areas, the trait just isn’t enough.
With a CRW trait, some feeding is required for the rootworm trait to be effective. Plus, traits are low dose, which means that older rootworm larvae can be less susceptible to the trait. That means the rootworms may keep eating, causing more damage. This later larval feeding can cause scarred roots, reduced standability, and ultimately, reduced yields.
We began testing the benefits of using an insecticide with CRW-traited corn in Central Illinois, an area that many consider the ‘epicenter’ or ‘hotbed’ for corn rootworm pressure. And we got positive results. The next year, we did trials throughout the Midwest and we recorded increased yield in 85% of trials, regardless of climate or growing conditions. The average yield increase was 10.9 bu/A. Have you tried the added protection of an insecticide on your traited hybrids?