Combating wireworm pressure in wheat and barley

Published on: 13:43PM Apr 02, 2010
Palle Pedersen

WirewormSome wheat and barley production areas have seen a sharp increase in wireworm populations over the past few seasons. And these bugs can be devastating as they feed on seeds and roots. Irregular emergence and bald spots in fields can indicate insect pressure problems, and growers have reported up to 80 percent stand/yield loss in areas because of wireworms. 
A seed treatment insecticide that includes thiamethoxam is a great way to protect wheat and barley from wireworms and a variety of other early-season insects. Plus, protected seed emerges more quickly and uniformly.Wireworm
Quick emergence and vigorous stands are especially important in dryland production, so that the crop gets off to a strong start. And a strong start increases yield – and profit – potential. 

Be on the lookout for problem areas in your fields, and work with your agronomist to scout, if needed.