Combine contemplation: What tank mix partner will you choose in GT corn next year?

Published on: 15:36PM Nov 06, 2009
Planting glyphosate-tolerant corn and using glyphosate for weed control has become the standard in corn production. But, while glyphosate is a valuable tool, it is too risky to rely on glyphosate alone. And as you harvest, you may be able to see why.
Since glyphosate provides no residual control, many weeds continue to germinate, competing with the crop and making fields a bit more difficult to get through at harvest. Plus, using glyphosate alone does not control glyphosate-resistant weeds and increases the risk for such weeds to develop. 

As you (finally) harvest, note what weeds are still in the field. Whether they are green or not, chances are you are adding their seeds to the seedbank, so they could become a problem next year. The best post-emergence option in GT corn is a glyphosate plus residual herbicide for control of difficult or glyphosate-resistant weeds. Then next best post-emergence corn option is to tank mix a residual herbicide with glyphosate or use a pre-mix to achieve additional activity on problem weeds that you expect to show up in that field next year. You will find solutions for both corn and soybeans in this Solutions Builder.