Control insects to prevent disease

Published on: 17:26PM Jun 29, 2010
Palle Pedersen
Insects that feed on plants can hurt yield. That is obvious, but insects can hurt plants in multiple ways. When a bug bites into a plant, an open wound is created in the plant tissue. Not only does that hinder the plant’s ability to grow, it also creates an open wound that can serve as an entry point for diseases.

For seedlings, this damage can be difficult to recover from, because plant systems aren’t developed enough to take in the moisture and nutrients needed to repair those wounds and fight disease. 

By suppressing or preventing insect feeding, especially between planting and emerging, your crop can establish better stands and healthier plants, setting them up with the potential for higher yields, better grain quality and more. One easy way to do this is to use an insecticide seed treatment on your corn, soybeans, wheat, or barley