Corn yields respond to insecticide on trait

Published on: 17:23PM Jan 12, 2010
Caydee Savinelli
Trials throughout the Midwest found that adding an insecticide to CRW-traited corn hybrids boosted yields. Even in diverse climates and with varying insect pressure, an insecticide increased corn yield in 85% of trials, with an average 10.9 bu/A yield increase.

Insecticides provide another mode of action to control CRW pressure, and they also control early-season pests like wireworm, cutworm and white grub, which aren’t controlled by traits alone.


Illinois growers deal with some of the most intense CRW pressure in the country. Results from local field trials (below) show that using an insecticide increased yields in 86% of trials, with an average increase of 11.5 bu/A.  With corn at $4/bu, these trials delivered an economic advantage 68% of the time.

In Iowa, insecticide applications increased yields in 100% of the trials, and created an economic advantage 75% of the time at $4/bu corn. On average, the insecticide application resulted in a 7.1 bu/A yield increase.

Results from Nebraska field trials were similar.  In 86% of trials, using an insecticide over traits increased yields, with an average increase of 5.7 bu/A.