Customized solutions to control glyphosate-resistant weeds

Published on: 15:11PM Dec 22, 2009
To fight glyphosate resistance, you need the right weapons. Whether you’ve experienced glyphosate-resistant weeds or are trying to reduce the likelihood of resistance developing, you need a plan. The Resistance Fighter Solutions Builder at can help you develop that plan.
By answering a few simple questions you’ll find management recommendations to consider based on your situation. The Solutions Builder helps find herbicide solutions tailored to individual fields.  Each solution is customized by crop, weed, county, state, preferred management methods and history of resistance. 
  • - Answers to common glyphosate resistance questions
  • - University research and information
  • - Crop strategies to build a resistance management program
  • - Opportunity to join the conversation about glyphosate weed resistance, including the blog from Syngenta experts, articles and radio broadcast clips