Did you clean your sprayer?

Published on: 14:41PM Jun 18, 2010
Gordon Vail

Or did you check to make sure your custom applicator cleaned his sprayer? Although the key at this time of year is covering acres to control weeds, a recent South Dakota State University study shows that if glyphosate is used in a sprayer that is later filled with an ALS inhibitor, the ALS inhibitor can “synergize” any glyphosate that was left in the tank, causing crop injury to non-glyphosate-tolerant crops. 
The combination causes more crop injury than expected in conventional corn, and can reduce spring wheat yield by about 15%, according to the research. If you have any fields that are not glyphosate tolerant, you will want to be sure spray tanks are clean.

Although drift is the most common cause of glyphosate injury in conventional crops, preventing tank contamination is important, too.