Did your residual herbicide help you survive the weather?

Published on: 16:09PM Dec 01, 2009
Gordon Vail
For many growers, harvest this fall wasn’t as much fun as it usually is. In fact, it may not be over yet. Weather challenged you all season long, from a cool, wet spring to a cool summer to a prolonged, wet harvest. The result was high moisture content and low test weights. 
So did your herbicide program in 2009 help you control weeds all season long, despite the weather? Did you see late-emerging weeds that may have produced seed while you were combining? Or did you see the results of not being able to make timely herbicide applications last spring, either in weedy fields or yield losses?
Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather. But you can choose herbicides that can help you protect your corn and soybean yields. Look for herbicides with:
> Residual control – to manage multiple weed flushes
> Wide application windows – so you have more time to get the herbicide on the fields, regardless of weather
> Multiple modes of action – to manage against weed resistance
> Long-lasting residual – because you need to prevent weeds through crop canopy