Enhancing plant physiology: Improve standability, improve harvestability

Published on: 13:32PM Sep 25, 2009
Eric Tedford

Enhancing Plant Physiology
 Losing yield to fallen corn poses a problem when harvest time comes. Oftentimes, in areas with frequent wind storms, strong winds knock corn stalks to the ground and cause a potential loss in profit to the grower. Standability becomes an issue to the grower because lodging slows down combine speeds, increasing time spent in the field and decreasing profits.
In corn, lodging -- or breakage of the stalk below the ear -- is an increasingly serious concern for growers the longer their crop stays in the field. Azoxystrobin help create a stronger, healthier and more harvestable crop. Syngenta field trials demonstrated that corn treated with a fungicide plus insecticide had a 35 percent reduction in stalk lodging on a hybrid moderately susceptible to stalk rot diseases and a 21 percent reduction in lodging on a tolerant hybrid.
This photo illustrates the difference in stalk girth and pith integrity between a fungicide-treated corn stalk (left) and an untreated corn stalk (right).