Flexible weed control plans help manage weather

Published on: 12:25PM Mar 12, 2010
After the last couple years, I’m sure you would like to see a long, favorable spring. I know I would! But, we know the weather is a wildcard as we look to spring planting. 
Herbicide flexibility can help you control weeds in the spring and maximize yields in the fall, regardless of the weather. Residual herbicides are critical for keeping fields clean early. But if you spray and it rains too much before your corn is planted, you need a herbicide with long residual control. Or you plant and it rains before you can spray, you need a herbicide that can be applied after corn has emerged
Either way, including a residual helps control multiple weed flushes and minimize weed control disasters. Do you have a flexible weed control plan heading into 2010? What is it?