Getting the upper hand

Published on: 11:33AM Aug 04, 2009
At a plot tour in North Carolina, my colleagues heard the same thing we’ve been hearing all across the South…growers are having a heck of a time getting a handle on Palmer pigweed and marestail. Time and again, growers say that glyphosate alone is not keeping their fields clean and they’re doing their best to be proactive about resistance by mixing up their chemistries as much as possible. 
Those who’ve been able to catch the weeds before they emerge or when they are still small and vulnerable have had the most success. 
Several corn plots showed impressive results compared to the untreated check below.
    Untreated check                              2-pass program:  
                                                       Residual pre-emergence  
                                                       followed by glyphosate

1-pass pre-emergence residual              1-pass early
                                                             post-emergence residual