Glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed

Published on: 16:05PM Jun 12, 2009
Glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed is a reality in five states. It showed up full-force in areas of Minnesota this season, as you can see in this picture taken in early May. 
Giant ragweed is a tough weed that can cause serious problems if not controlled:
  • Can grow up to 15 feet in fertile, moist soil
  • First weed you see in the spring in many Midwest fields
  • Competitive weed that can significantly reduce yield
    • According to the Ohio State University, season-long competition from one giant ragweed per 3 feet of row reduced corn yields by 65 percent and soybean yields by 80 percent
Rotating herbicides and crop systems can help manage the development of resistance. Here are some options to help control giant ragweed in your fields. What did you use this season?