Google it

Published on: 17:17PM Jul 23, 2010
Anthony Transou
Need to find next season’s college football schedule? Wondering what others think of the new tractor model you are considering for this fall? Need to convert acres to hectares? Want to see issues raised for the next farm bill? Or find out where you can get that part you need to get the old auger running?
The standard answer today is, “Google it.” 
Google and other search engines have made it easier than ever to find information and answers – even for the ag industry. Identify insects. Look up product labels. Check out results from different tillage systems. The possibilities are endless.
Do you know how Google and others find the information you are looking for? The programmers have a complex, ever-changing algorithm that “crawls” or searches websites and ranks the page so that when you type in your search, the pages that rank highest for that word or phrase show up first.
While nearly instant access to so much information is priceless, you do need to evaluate each source. Check out the site Google sent you to. Is it a university or company site? Or is it just a random blog post that happens to mention your key phrase? Online, it’s a good idea to verify information against a few sources that appear to be reliable as you make decisions. 

How often do you Google?