Help Weed out Hunger in 2010

Published on: 15:46PM Feb 09, 2010
Gordon Vail
More than 49 million Americans – about 1 in 6 – have limited access to adequate food due to a lack of money or other resources1. That’s hard to believe! 
But that’s why we are working with Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, to help Weed out Hunger in our local communities.  Feeding America supports approximately 63,000 local charitable agencies, which provide food directly to more than 25 million people in need.
We are all about helping farmers meet the food, fuel, feed and fiber demands of 9 billion people by 2050, and that means getting the most out of every plant and every acre. And, by working with Feeding America, we are helping to Weed out Hunger one row at a time. See how you can get involved at
1 United States. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Economic Research Service. Household Food Security in the United States, 2008/ERR-83. Washington: 2009.