How much yield have you lost?

Published on: 15:26PM Jul 20, 2010
Gordon Vail
By now, row crops have been relying on their canopy to maintain weed control for the rest of the season. Ears are growing and pods are filling.
But as this Iowa State University article points out, weather conditions this spring and early summer weren’t ideal for timely weed control. Do you have any idea how much delays may have cost you in bushels per acre?
You can estimate yield losses using a very handy web-based model called WeedSOFT. The model is based on university research from across the Corn Belt. So, if you can estimate your weed population density and size at treatment, WeedSOFT can give you an idea of how much yield potential was lost due to competition.
Did you run into challenges getting your weeds under control this season? How much yield did you lose?