Iowa Growers Take Stock for 2010 Planning

Published on: 16:21PM Jul 24, 2009
This season, growers in Iowa witnessed first hand the benefits of soil-applied residual weed control in both corn and soybeans. Planting progressed on schedule, but wet weather left few good days for herbicide applications. Growers who were able to get in with a pre-emergence herbicide, particularly at a full rate, benefited tremendously from early-season weed management, which helped protect yield potential.
Those who used a reduced rate in a planned two-pass program with glyphosate benefited from early weed control, but the weather may have prevented an in-crop glyphosate application resulting in reduced season-long weed control.
Now is an excellent time for growers to take note of what they wish they would’ve done differently this growing season in regard to their herbicide programs so they will remember what changes they’d like to make for 2010.  


Weedy Iowa corn (left) and soybean (right) fields in late June.
Iowa corn and soybean fields with pre-emergence residual herbicide applications in late June.