Knock out nematodes, protect yield

Published on: 15:28PM Oct 27, 2009
David Long 

This season, a series of large-block plots showcased the efficacy of the first nematicide/insecticide/fungicide corn seed treatment combination in real-world growing conditions across the country. The combination seed treatment will be widely available for 2010. Hundreds of side-by-side trials directly compared this new option to the industry standard insecticide/fungicide seed treatment. The trials were conducted in 23 states from North Dakota to Texas, and Pennsylvania to Georgia.

In many of these trials, the seed treatment containing the nematicide component had more vigorous corn plants, resulting in taller, larger corn with healthier and more extensive root systems, vs. the industry standard. As the photo from Dorchester, Iowa, shows, corn treated with the nematicide also had larger root systems and the ears were larger and more developed.

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