Live, from your desktop, it’s a webinar

Published on: 14:50PM May 28, 2010
Anthony Transou
Meetings. You see the e-mails or hear about them from your seed guy or your agronomist or your neighbor. But how often do you have the time to drive for an hour or two to listen to the experts there?
And so, the natural progression, thanks to the Internet, has been seminars via the Web, also known as webinars, Web conferences, Web meetings, etc. These events let the experts sit in their offices and share their presentation with you real-time, on your desktop. All you need is a link, a few minutes to register and sometimes a phone line, and you’ve got the meeting experience from the comfort of your home office (minus the free donuts or lunch). You can usually even ask questions by virtually “raising your hand” and typing your inquiry into a little box.

Have you attended a Web-based meeting or seminar? Does this format work for you? What do you like? What kind of topics do you want to learn about? Or, if you aren’t a fan of this format, what would you prefer?