Losing nutrients, water and yield

Published on: 15:04PM Jun 23, 2009
Post-emergence herbicides can alleviate spring fieldwork, especially when it’s been wet like it has this year, but allowing weeds to grow too long can be "robbing" nitrogen and other nutrients from the intended crop, as this study showed.
This article describes a study done by Syngenta agronomist Bob Kacvinsky, explaining why weed control is so critical. He notes that, at any stage, weeds use at least as much water, nitrogen and space that corn plants do. Weeds also greatly outnumber the crop, resulting in up to 40 times the water and nitrogen removal as corn plants require.
However, with wet weather across much of the Midwest this spring, some growers found that a pre-emergence program wasn’t possible. In that case, field studiesshowed that applying a post-emergence herbicide with residual at the right time can help protect yield.