Mobile Access to Markets & Weather

Published on: 17:24PM Jun 08, 2009
Anthony Transou
Imagine you’re in your pickup or on your tractor, and you hear that dry weather is affecting the soybean crop in Brazil. U.S. markets are rallying, and you’d like to know what’s happening to local cash prices.

Well, now you can. All you need is a data-ready cell phone or other wireless internet device. Simply type in ‘’ and follow the prompts. Once there, be sure to register your zip code.

Besides up-to-the-minute market reports, you’ll also receive personalized, three-times-per-day weather forecasts (based on your zip code), streaming agronomic news and information for the crops you grow. There are drop-down menus by crop, pest and product type. I will talk more about what you can find there at a later date.

If you’d rather see what it might look like before signing on, just go to on your computer and see the tutorial.