My friend (brother/boss/dad) wants to know…

Published on: 16:12PM Jan 15, 2010
Anthony Transou
The National Association of Farm Broadcasters recently shared the results of a survey they did on how “plugged-in” growers and producers are to online communications and social media. Their results show that those of you who are engaged online are very active, accessing information daily. 
Although many of the numbers about accessing information seem low to me, one statistic caught my attention. According to this study, roughly 13% of growers said they have someone else in their operation access the internet for them. 
So, is that you? Even if you plan to use this information yourself, is there someone else in your operation who doesn’t know what “www” stands for? What kind of information do you share with them? Is there anything about certain sites that makes it easier to find the information you need to share? Is there a way to get that information to them directly? Let me know your thoughts.