National Corn Yield Contest

Published on: 15:46PM Mar 09, 2010
Palle Pedersen

The annual National Corn Yield Contest managed by the National Corn Growers Association gives corn growers a chance to let their production skills shine. 
With either a nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment or an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment plus high-performing systemic fungicide available for the first time, growers have new options to protect their corn from yield-robbing pests. The seed treatment protects against the early-season threat of nematodes, insects and diseases, and the fungicide provides greater preventive and curative residual control over major corn diseases.

To encourage corn growers to try these new solutions, we will be recognizing 2010 National Corn Yield Contest winners who’ve used both of them with a donation in their honor to their local FFA chapter, or to an FFA chapter of their choice. This gives you a chance to try new technology and support your community. Think about what plots you may enter this season.