Nematicide seed treatment boosts corn yield

Published on: 12:03PM May 04, 2010

Palle Pedersen

Last season, a series of large-block plots showcased the first nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination for corn in real-world growing conditions across the country. These side-by-side trials directly compared this new option to the industry standard insecticide/fungicide seed treatment. 

Excessive rain, cooler-than-average temperatures and an overall low-stress year in the field promoted higher-than-normal yields across the Corn Belt.  Despite the low-stress growing season, the trials showed an average yield increase of 4.5 bu/A in fields with yields ranging up to 190 bu/A. But in summarizing trials over three years, this combination with a nematicide delivered an average 6 bu/A yield increase on 85% of corn acres.
This technology shows the ability to help growers boost yield potential. To learn more, visit the online tutorial.