Proven herbicide makes economic sense

Published on: 16:21PM Apr 23, 2010

Chuck Foresman

My company, Syngenta, has been recongizing 50 years of atrazine use.  There are many reasons atrazine has remained a weed control staple for so long – it increases yield and saves money.


For example, a study evaluating the impact of atrazine on corn yields showed that during the 20-year period from 1986 and 2005, the average corn yield was 5.1 percent higher with atrazine than without.  And the U.S. EPA estimates that farming without atrazine could cost corn growers $28 per acre due to yield loss and the use of more expensive herbicides.


In 2003, the EPA also said: “The total or national economic impact resulting from the loss of atrazine to control grass and broadleaf weeds in corn, sorghum and sugar cane would be in excess of $2 billion per year if atrazine were unavailable to growers.” (U.S. EPA, Interim Reregistration Eligibility Decision, January 2003)

Growers know from experience the value atrazine brings to their operation.  Please leave me a note about how atrazine helps you.