Rain, rain go away…

Published on: 14:35PM May 14, 2010
Gordon Vail
This spring has been dramatically different from last year, when many growers across the Corn Belt were still planting corn in June. By the end of April, the heart of the Corn Belt had more than 70% of their corn in the ground. And by now, growers are finished with corn and many also have their soybeans planted.

An Illinois colleague said that his retailers and growers saw the value of a flexible pre-emergence herbicide this spring. During the past several weeks, growers have talked about pushing to get seed in the ground before rain comes, but they didn’t get the pre down before it rained. 
They said that after several days ideal for planting, heavy spring rains helped corn started to emerge, but they knew they still needed to get their residual herbicide applied. The day the field is dry enough to get back in is the day you appreciate a residual herbicide that can be applied to emerged corn without crop safety concerns.

Were you able to get your herbicide out before the spring rains came?