Relying on glyphosate alone? Not so much

Published on: 08:57AM Jun 16, 2009
Glyphosate-tolerant crops have made glyphosate a product choice for use on millions of acres. However, using glyphosate alone presents challenges:
And those challenges are causing changes. According to a recent University of Illinois survey at a series of events, growers say they are moving toward more integrated weed management. In the survey, only 28 percent said they used a glyphosate-only program in their soybeans. And, an overwhelming 91 percent said they believe glyphosate-resistant weeds will change the way they manage weeds in glyphosate-tolerant crops within the next five years.

Adding a residual component to weed control can alleviate those problems, while protecting crop yield potential. Industry experts agree that residual weed control is critical to protecting yield and managing weed resistance. Here are some thoughts from several industry and Syngenta experts on the value of residual herbicides. Plus, research shows that residual, pre-emergence herbicides protect yield in corn and soybeans.