Residual herbicides protect Ohio corn

Published on: 17:19PM May 21, 2010
Gordon Vail

Recently, some of my colleagues in Ohio heard their growers talk about the importance of residual weed control in corn. One said residual control is the “whole thing” when it comes to managing weeds in corn. He prefers herbicides with multiple modes of action for broad-spectrum weed control and to manage resistance.

In another operation, guys said that even with herbicide-tolerant crops, they still need residual herbicides to control weeds. They know there are hidden costs in weed competition, especially when they saw a yield difference at harvest between fields with and without pre applications including mesotrione, an active ingredient that helps more effectively control tough broadleaf weeds like ragweed and pigweed species.

As your corn emerges, make sure you have a residual herbicide out there to protect your yield potential.