Resistance management recommendations promote change

Published on: 15:00PM Jul 06, 2010
Chuck Foresman

As glyphosate-resistant weeds spread, retailers and dealers have been making sound agronomic recommendations to manage the problem. And growers are listening.
A Syngenta survey found that 55 percent of retailers in the Midwest recommend a pre-emergence residual herbicide in soybeans, while another 17 percent recommend tank mixing. And a few university experts even developed a “Top Ten” list of reasons to diversify weed management. Those messages have gained traction, and we are starting to see change.
Although crop acres treated with glyphosate continue to increase, the acres receiving glyphosate-only applications are decreasing. A University of Illinois survey at a series of events, found that only 28 percent of the growers surveyed said they used a glyphosate-only program in their soybeans, evidence that they are listening to recommendations, changing their practices and learning to fight glyphosate weed resistance.

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