Secondary pest can become a primary problem

Published on: 16:44PM Feb 23, 2010

Caydee Savinelli


While CRW traits help protect your corn from corn rootworm, they also leave your corn vulnerable to early-season pests like wireworm, cutworm and white grub.  These insects harm young seedlings above or below the soil surface resulting in damaged corn plants or disrupted seed germination.

Insect pressures are shifting and increasing.  What once were minor pests that you hardly knew were in your fields have become noticeable yield robbers.  An insecticide not only provides another mode of action to fight CRW pressure, they also control those early-season bugs. 


One Iowa retailer set up two side-by-side comparisons of a traited hybrid with and without an insecticide.  In one plot, insecticide on traited corn increased yield by 8 bu/A, and on the other, it increased yield by 12 bu/A, doubling the return on investment.