The "art" of texting

Published on: 16:14PM Feb 19, 2010

Anthony Transou


imo, the are of txt is confusing. somtims I lol but usu idk wu. wht abt u?

Translation: In my opinion, the acronym-rich environment of text messages is confusing.  Sometimes I laugh out loud, but usually I don’t know what’s up.  What about you?


Cell phones have made staying connected and getting information more convenient than ever.  You can call for products or repairs from the field, tell your wife when you expect to get back to the house, stay in touch with your buddy across the county during the day, etc.  But do you use your phone to text?


Although texting is usually considered the domain of teenagers and twenty-somethings, it can have advantages.  Texting often cuts through small talk to get straight to your point, and it can be easier to reply when you have time, rather than grabbing a ringing phone.


But the lingo associated with texting is an art.  Here are a few guidelines to write or translate texts:

·        Use major consonants, but vowels may be optional

·        Numbers and symbols (2, 4, ?) often replace words or parts of words

·        Punctuation is often optional, even though that can create quite a bit of confusion

Do you text?  If so, what shorthand do you use?  What ag-specific acronyms do you use?

lemeno.  ttyl.

(Let me know. Talk to you later.)