The power of “agvocates” on social networks

Published on: 14:11PM Jul 02, 2010
Anthony Transou
If you have a Facebook page, you probably have a variety of Facebook friends, and your “friend count” is probably higher than the number of people you talk to each day. Or maybe you’re LinkedIn. Or tweeting. Or lurking on blogs like this one. 
Chances are, you are interacting online with people outside of the ag industry, especially when you consider your Facebook friends.   With ag under pressure from a variety of sources, many in the industry have decided to use the voice of social networks to be active advocates of agriculture, or “agvocates,” like @kansfarmer and @THEFARMGUY.
You don’t have to tweet to be heard, but are you taking advantage of the opportunities you have to tell your story? 
Start simply. You can post bits and pieces of your story on your Facebook status to help non-ag friends understand what you do. You can forward links to your favorite blogs. You can connect them to other “agvocates” via social networks or encourage them to follow your favorites on Twitter.
You have a voice. What other ideas do you have to become an advocate for your industry?