Think Timing to Increase Profits

Published on: 14:24PM Apr 16, 2010
Eric Tedford
What if there was a trick to winning in the stock market; and no matter when you sold stock, you always made a profit? If there was, I’d probably be retired on a beach somewhere...

Luckily for corn growers, making a true return on your investment is not as risky as playing the stock market. Application timing of products, such as a fungicide, play a major role in the growth and development of crops. By adhering to proper application timing recommendations and growing conditions, growers can capitalize on the advantages of protecting your investments.
I’m sure you hear it all the time – scout your fields. But the truth is, scouting can save a lot of time, money and energy in the long run. Managing expectations is the name of the game, and reviewing historical disease patterns will help you gauge diseases that you may see in your area. For diseases that have been a problem in the past and may reach threshold, scout fields to keep track of disease pressure early in the season.
Speaking of early season, research has shown that azoxystrobin at a rate of 6 oz/A applied at the V5 growth stage in corn has several benefits, including preventive disease control and enhanced physiological benefits potentially leading to an increase in yield. One of the reasons this application timing proved successful is because it protects during the critical phase when corn plants are determining leaf and ear shoots. The research also showed that when an azoxystrobin application was followed by a later application of azoxystrobin and propiconazole at the R1 growth stage, an incremental yield increase was achieved.