Twitter and ag

Published on: 16:01PM Jan 29, 2010
Anthony Transou
Need to know “what’s happening?” Twitter is the place to find out, and to tweet your news to others. Ok, so maybe you don’t care who @Oprah had on her show today or what @THE_REAL_SHAQ does in his free time.
But there is a lot happening in the #ag industry, and if for those who like to know now, Twitter can keep you up-to-date. For example, @FarmJournal tweets live from conferences and events and @brownfield provides links to their news stories. And if you want to stay on top of government issues, consider following your state Farm Bureau or someone like Iowa Senator @ChuckGrassley
You can watch the discussion – or join in. The weekly #agchat is a facilitated discussion on current industry issues, and although you won’t agree with everyone who participates, you will get insight into a wide variety of viewpoints.
So for those of you tweeting away, who do you follow in ag and why?