Wet, weedy conditions challenge Midwest growers

Published on: 11:59AM Jul 17, 2009
Growers across much of the Corn Belt are struggling through a wet, frustrating season. Delayed planting, thinning populations, postponed herbicide applications and very weedy conditions have been common. 
This south-central Illinois field was saturated with standing water last month, and also shows a healthy waterhemp population, a key problem weed in that area. . As evidenced in the photo below, some fields, like this one, are overly saturated with standing water. Other weeds thriving in unsprayed fields include giant ragweed, common ragweed, volunteer corn, lambsquarters and marestail (horseweed).
Wet weather prevented timely fieldwork, giving weeds have more opportunity to compete with the crop. This picture shows early emerging soybeans and the weed competition that is stealing nutrients and yield potential.
Burndown herbicides and pre-emergence residuals applied at-planting are good options for weed control in tough conditions like these. What programs helped you managed weed competition this season?