What do you do when your tractor does the driving?

Published on: 18:19PM Mar 05, 2010

Anthony Transou
Auto-steer tractors are cool. The whole “Look, Ma – no hands!” concept is way more fun when you are in a big, expensive machine. And they are practical, too. Straighter rows. Less trying to look both ahead and behind you at the same time.

For those of you who have auto-steer tractors, what do you do now with the time that is freed up as you drive across your fields? Does not having to steer across your field help you be more efficient? How?
Do you use that time to surf the Web on your smartphone? Check weather and markets? Are you using this time to make management decisions for your operation? Do you need mobile-device-friendly links to get online? Or do you call your retailer to schedule the next delivery of seed, fertilizer or crop protection products? Catch up with your neighbors who are also driving hands-free across their fields? Text? Play Free Cell on your in-cab monitor? 
The possibilities are endless, but I’d like to know how this technology has changed your days in the field.