Would a fall herbicide application make sense?

Published on: 16:10PM Oct 06, 2009
Gordon Vail

While you are waiting to get into the fields or starting to harvest this fall, you can take time to start thinking ahead to next season. Although a cooler-than-average summer may have your crop behind, take a look at your fields. For example, if you had a field like this one, would you want to do something different next year?
Depending on harvest and frost timing, a fall herbicide application may be a good option to clean up unusually weed fields, especially perennials and herbicide-resistant weeds

Fall herbicide applications before corn help save time in the spring, reduce weed pressure, manage resistance and spread the workload, depending on the weather. Reducing the weed pressure this fall may also help a one-pass residual program work better in next season’s corn.