A stronger 2013 crop with Force insecticide

Published on: 13:56PM Jan 15, 2013
Increased populations of corn insects, like corn rootworm, across the Midwest in 2012 have caused many growers to reevaluate their insect management strategy for the 2013 season. Heavy corn rootworm pressure has led farmers to consider additional protection on their rootworm-traited corn hybrids. With the application of Force® soil insecticide, growers can add an additional mode of action against corn rootworm and maintain a stronger, healthier crop.
"In areas where corn rootworm populations are expected to be heavy, a Force application on top of rootworm-traited corn provides growers with an additional mode of action for corn rootworm control, leading to stronger, more developed root systems and healthier plants that are better prepared to fight off disease and increased stress levels," says Craig Abell, Syngenta crop specialist.
Along with the ability to manage heavy rootworm pressures, applying Force over a trait has proven yield advantages. Hundreds of Syngenta trials across the Midwest have shown Force consistently increases yield by an average of more than 10 bushels per acre when applied over the top of rootworm-traited corn.
This practice can also manage other early-season pests such as cutworms, white grubs and wireworms that the trait alone may not control, providing the added protection needed to maximize yield.
Abell explains, "By utilizing a soil-applied insecticide like Force, you’re going to get optimum early-season insect control and enhance your corn’s performance. Syngenta recommends growers consider Force insecticide to protect their trait investment, preserve the technology and maximize their crops’ productivity." 

To learn more about how Force insecticide applied to traited hybrids can help you grow more corn, visit www.ForceOnTrait.com or www.FarmAssist.com 

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