Atrazine saves the soil

Published on: 16:36PM Nov 02, 2010

Chuck Foresman

As I watched combines roll through fields across the country, I’m reminded that our soil is one of our most important resources. As you’re looking at your “dirt", it’s a good time to recognize the vital role herbicides like atrazine play in protecting the environment and promoting responsible land stewardship.
Besides helping to effectively and affordably control a broad spectrum of weeds, you know atrazine is essential to conservation tillage and no-till systems in agriculture, which can reduce soil erosion by up to 90 percent, compared to intensive tillage.
In fact, in 2008, atrazine was applied to more than 60 percent of conservation tillage and no-till corn acres, according to the Conservation Tillage Information Center. These practices dramatically reduce soil erosion, help conserve moisture in the soil, trim your fuel costs with fewer trips across the field, and reduce CO2 emissions.

That’s a lot of value related to one of the most cost-effective weed control options out there. How are you saving your soil?