Atrazine: The ideal weed control partner

Published on: 16:40PM Aug 10, 2010


Chuck Foresman
Are you using atrazine on your corn (or sorghum or sugar cane) acres this year? Even if you didn’t use it alone, chances are you added a little atrazine to your weed control program, or used one of the more than 50 atrazine herbicides on the market today.
Atrazine often enhances the efficacy of a herbicide program. In many of our weed control studies, we see synergy between atrazine and other active ingredients, like mesotrione
As one Iowa grower put it, "Atrazine helps other herbicides work better, and it provides more residual weed control." And that’s why many corn growers’ herbicide applications also contain some atrazine.   I know growers use it on key weeds like morningglory, for example, either pre-emerge or post-emerge to improve the level of control needed in today’s corn fields.  

How do you incorporate atrazine in your weed control?