Bump up your yields and profit

Published on: 14:22PM Jan 28, 2011

Caydee Savinelli

Who wouldn’t want a potential yield boost in their 2011 corn crop? What if I told you that changing your insect management program could lead to a yield bump of nearly 11 bushels per acre?
In a series of 214 trials from 2007 to 2009 across the Corn Belt, Syngenta research found an average 10.89 bushel-per-acre yield increase when adding a soil-applied insecticide on top of insect-traited corn. Assuming corn prices are $4 per acre, that’s an economic advantage 68 percent of the time. And the odds of a positive ROI increase with corn prices.
With an increase in corn prices anticipated, don’t leave anything to chance. Protect your profit potential – consider adding an insecticide to your traited corn to maximize yield potential.

Caydee Savinelli is a technical brand manager for insecticides, responsible for several active ingredients developed and marketed by Syngenta Crop Protection. She has focused on insect control throughout her career with Syngenta and legacy companies. Caydee holds a doctorate in entomology from North Carolina State University.