Buzz-worthy News on Bees

Published on: 09:17AM Jun 17, 2013

In celebration of National Pollinator Week, June 17 - 23, it’s important to stop and recognize how vital these seemingly small creatures are to the agriculture industry and to feeding the global population. The value of insect pollination alone is estimated at more than $200 billion per year to the global ecosystem.

Pollinating insects are crucial for the success of many natural habitats and the production of many food crops, like almonds, cantaloupe and cranberries. At least one third of the human food supply from crops and plants depends on insect pollination. Without pollination by bees, farmers, food processors, retailers and even crop protection and seed companies would find it hard to develop and grow their businesses.
Syngenta is working with beekeepers and organizations to tackle the causes of bee deaths, and testing a range of solutions to combat the diseases affecting bees, including new biological and chemical control agents to fight the parasitic mites such as Varroa destructor and the fungal parasite Nosema ceranae
This work, along with Operation Pollinator, an international biodiversity program, is boosting the number of pollinating insects on commercial farms. It works by creating specific habitats, tailored to local conditions and native insects.
Bees are vitally important to the sustainability of agriculture, and everyone can take steps to help pollinators thrive again. To see what you can do to boost pollinators in your area, visit the Pollinator Week website.