Classified Information -- Mission to Grow More Soybeans

Published on: 14:24PM Oct 08, 2012

Soybeans - Iowa and Illinois

Everyone knows that money doesn’t grow on trees. However, there is a well-kept secret within the agriculture community: money does grow in soybeans. With high commodity prices throughout most of the 2012 season, you want to get the bang for your buck by enabling your soybeans to reach their full genetic yield potential. But here’s another piece of "highly classified," privileged information that we’d like to share with you: we’ve figured out how to break through the soybean yield barrier.2006 Field Travel Iowa and Illinois

It starts with a seed. And as any grower will tell you, choosing the right seed can mean the difference between breaking the yield barrier or filing for crop insurance. To help soybean growers fall into the first category, Syngenta offers NK® brand soybeans and seed treatments. Combining these with agronomic practices, such as competitively spacing rows, implementing a soybean nutrient plan and planting early, will enable you to Start Strong.
But breaking through the yield barrier requires more than just planting a seed. Throughout the season, growers should scout for insect pressures that have reached threshold levels. It’s also important to implement a weed resistance management plan. To address these problems, Syngenta offers crop protection products so your soybeans can Grow Strong. From herbicides with multiple modes of action to a broad-spectrum insecticide with extended residual control, Syngenta has you covered.
As your soybeans reach the reproductive growth stage, diligently scout for late-season diseases. We recommend using one of our fungicides to protect against these diseases, enhance Plant Performance and ultimately enable your soybeans to Yield Strong. When you’re ready to harvest, make sure it is timely and effective. According to Iowa State University Extension, gathering losses can account for 80-85 percent of yield reduction.
Since its founding in 1884, Syngenta and its legacy companies have maintained an unwavering focus to helping growers Start Strong, Grow Strong and Yield Strong each season. And that’s why we have developed a broad portfolio (the broadest soybean portfolio in the industry, in fact!), including: seeds, seed treatments, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Utilizing these Syngenta solutions coupled with agronomic practices will help you to Grow More Soybeans.
And because we’ve spilled the beans (no pun intended), you can confidently go into the 2013 growing season knowing how to break through the soybean yield ceiling. Just don’t let your neighbors know who told you.
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Plant Performance benefits include disease protection.
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