Control the Adverse Effects of Weather on Your Corn Crop with a Strobilurin Fungicide

Published on: 13:40PM Oct 08, 2010

Eric Tedford

In life, preparation is often considered a key element in determining success. Obviously, we can’t control everything, but proper care and preparation can help us adapt to the uncontrollable aspects of our lives.
For corn growers, the success of a field’s yield is all about preparation and management. You can plan when to plant, when to harvest and manage everything in between to provide your plants with maximum opportunities for success. However, even the most experienced growers can’t control one important element of the growing season – the weather.
According to Tamra A. Jackson, plant pathologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, this season’s harsh weather made many cornfields susceptible to dangerous yield-robbing diseases like common rust, anthracnose leaf blight and gray leaf spot. Each of these diseases can negatively impact yields, but unlike the weather, these damaging diseases are something you can control!
Applying a strobilurin fungicide to your corn plants can help combat the harmful effects of the weather by controlling a broad-spectrum of diseases to help crops reach their full potential. In addition to preventing diseases, a strobilurin fungicide can help plants use the sun’s energy more efficiently for greater growth, and also help improve stalk strength, which can help protect corn from harsh wind and storms.
So, next season help prepare your fields for the effects of summer weather by protecting them with a strobilurin fungicide.
What was the season like in your area and how did it impact your crop?