Corn nematode protection boosts yield

Published on: 15:05PM Mar 15, 2011

Dr. Palle Pedersen

After the 2010 season, we’ve had four years of test plots to see the value of protecting corn crops from nematodes. We’ve consistently seen incremental yield increases with a corn nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination compared to just the industry standard insecticide/fungicide combination.

2010 yield results varied across the country, but over time we’ve seen an average 5.1 bu/A increase on 85 percent of acres. Pretty good odds for a return on your investment.

Nematode protection helps most when early-season stress, like low moisture, is combined with nematode feeding. Although planting conditions and spring weather are unpredictable, you know stress of some sort is likely. Will you be looking at nematode protection in your 2011 corn crop?

Photo: Stalks selected at random from large block trial by Syngenta. 

Palle Pedersen, Ph.D., Technical Manager, Syngenta Seedcare
Dr. Palle Pedersen, Syngenta Seedcare technical manager, is responsible for technical seed treatment development for corn, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers and canola. Previously, Palle spent seven years as an associate professor at Iowa State University where he coordinated and provided state leadership in soybean production and management, splitting his time between extension work and research. Palle received his undergraduate degree and master’s degree in agricultural science from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Denmark, his master’s in agricultural economics from Wye College, England, and his doctorate in agronomy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.