Did your residual last?

Published on: 13:59PM Oct 05, 2010

Gordon Vail

Once a crop canopies, you probably don’t spend much time scouting for weeds, unless they poke up above the crop. But harvest is a chance to prepare for next season, even while you take in this year’s crop. 
While covering acres in the combine, I recommend keeping a notebook handy for key observations. Did your 2010 herbicide program last? Did you see late-emerging weeds that may have produced seed while you were combining? Or did you see the weedy fields or yield losses that resulted from not getting herbicide applications made?
For 2011, you will want to choose herbicides that can help you address any problems noted this fall and protect your corn and soybean yields. Look for herbicides with:
  • Residual control – to manage multiple weed flushes
  • Wide application windows – so you have more time to get the herbicide on the fields, regardless of weather
  • Multiple modes of action – to manage against weed resistance
  • Long-lasting residual – because you need to prevent weeds through crop canopy