Don’t Let Mother Nature Get You Bent out of Shape

Published on: 08:47AM May 16, 2013
Studies have shown that uncontrolled weeds can cause more than $20 billion of damage to crops in the United States annually. But with an effective and flexible herbicide program, growers can fight yield-robbing weeds, even in adverse weather conditions.
While a farmer may have the best intentions for a timely herbicide application, Mother Nature may bring rains that keep him out of the field. If he has chosen a flexible herbicide with pre-emergence and post-emergence flexibility, he can still apply it when conditions allow. But if he selected one with limited application flexibility, he may have to make a last-minute switch to another product.
Some herbicides are limited to pre-emergence application or can only be applied up to 2-leaf corn, while others offer a more flexible application window up to 12- or 30-inch corn.

Field Corn Label Comparison

Application Timing
Lexar® EZ herbicide
Pre-plant through 12-inch corn
Lumax® EZ herbicide
Pre-plant through 12-inch corn
Zemax® herbicide
Pre-plant through 30-inch corn
Callisto® Xtra herbicide
Post-emergence through 12-inch corn
Halex® GT herbicide
Post-emergence through 30-inch corn
Corvus® herbicide
Pre-plant through 2-leaf corn
Verdict herbicide
Pre-emergence only

In addition to delivering application flexibility, Lumax EZ, Lexar EZ, Zemax, Callisto Xtra and Halex GT are Resistance Fighter brands, offering multiple effective modes of action to combat resistant weeds. In fields where glyphosate is not performing like it used to, these products decrease dependence on glyphosate.
Moving away from a glyphosate-only post-emergence application is not only the best agronomic choice for weed management, but it maximizes yield potential. It’s really important to put a product down from a pre-emergence stand point to control those residual weeds so when you do come back and make a post-emergence application with a product like Halex GT, you won’t have nearly as many weeds present at that application time. You’ll put a lot less pressure on those post-emergence products. Early-season weed management really pays, and growers really see it in the bin at the end of the year.
Syngenta herbicides are also flexible when it comes to tank mix compatibility. Farmers can also tank-mix Quilt Xcel® fungicide with Halex GT for early (V4-V8) application in corn for added convenience and maximized yield. While some combinations of insecticides and herbicides can injure corn, the unique chemistry of Force® insecticide makes it safe to use with any corn herbicide program.
Bottom line: With an integrated weed management program like Lumax EZ or Lexar EZ followed by Halex GT, growers achieve application flexibility, and also the potential to see an increase in both yield and profit. At Syngenta, we are focused on developing herbicides that deliver flexibility and resistance management, and at the end of the day deliver the best weed control for the grower to help them grow more corn. 
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