Falling for Fall Herbicides

Published on: 14:53PM Oct 04, 2012

Growers welcomed an unexpected rain late in the season this year from Hurricane Isaac. But the moisture, coupled with an earlier-than-normal harvest, could cause winter annual weeds to emerge sooner than expected.  

Strike against these damaging and yield-robbing weeds by applying a fall herbicide that can provide effective weed control allowing growers to start clean and stay clean. 
Not only can a fall-applied herbicide reduce pressure from winter annuals, it can also help improve planting conditions and protect farmers’ crops from weather challenges allowing them to spread out their workload next spring.  

Field treated with fall-applied Dual II Magnum® herbicide followed by Halex® GT herbicide. Hutchinson, Minnesota. 
In fields/areas where glyphosate-tolerant weeds are becoming more of a problem, a planned two-pass program including fall-applied Dual II Magnum followed by a strong post-emergence herbicide with multiple modes of action, such as Halex GT, is needed by growers to ensure season-long control. Halex GT is Glyphosate with Residual™ and provides a more convenient and higher-yielding alternative to any other post-emergence, straight glyphosate corn herbicide program. 
Benefits of a planned two-pass program including a fall-applied herbicide followed by a post-emergence herbicide application next Spring: 

• Application Flexibility 
Managing weed populations in the fall provides more time and flexibility for a post-emergence application. 

• Reduce Spring Weed Pressures 
A fall herbicide application will reduce the weed pressures of grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds in the spring.  

• Weed Resistance Management 
Controlling weeds early and using herbicides with multiple modes of action will help prevent the potential for weed resistance. 
Be proactive by applying a fall herbicide for residual grass and small-seeded broadleaf weed control to get corn off to a great start next spring. 
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