Farmville Fun?

Published on: 16:33PM Dec 21, 2010

Anthony Transou

Just like Pac-man or Kong, today’s computer games are addictive.  Facebook has exposed millions to the rush of online games, and one of its most well known is Farmville.  Have you heard of it? 


Although it’s been around for a couple years, the Farmville buzz hasn’t faded, with the game boasting nearly 54 million monthly users.  Plus there are similar games like FarmTown and others that have a similar concept.


The idea is that anyone can farm.  Plant a crop, like strawberries or corn, and pay attention to when it needs to be harvested (often within 24 hours).  Login, harvest and earn points that you can spend on cool things like fences, pink barns, ponds, etc.  Then your agricultural feats are broadcast to all your Facebook friends with the game updates that go on your wall.


It’s a simplistic concept that has generated lots of attention.  But my question for you is, do you think games like this are good for the image of agriculture?  Or are they too unrealistic and idealistic to really educate the masses about your profession? 


Please share your opinions…

Syngenta online brand manager Anthony Transou managed the website for Syngenta Crop Protection and its latest offering, the mobile FarmAssist site, and he now manages broad online activities for the North American Region.